As a 501(c)3 charitable organization, Carpenter’s Shelter takes pride in the way we manage generous contributions from individuals, foundations, faith-based groups, businesses and organizations. These funds go towards providing homeless individuals and families with the tools they need to end their crises and transition into sustainable, permanent housing. Carpenter’s Shelter is powered by the community with our largest source of funding coming from individual donors. Only 20% of our funding comes from the government, whereas most homeless shelters receive 80-90% of their funding from government sources.


IRS Forms


We would like to offer a huge, heart-felt thank you to all of the donors who supported the homeless men, women, and children of Alexandria during fiscal year 2018! If you notice any errors within this list, please contact Anthonia Emordi, Development Associate with corrections.

Gifts $5,000 and Above

Bank of America Foundation Kris Keydel and Janet Garber Saint Mary’s Catholic Church
City of Alexandria Laura Russell Shannon M. Steene
Clark-Winchcole Foundation Louise L. Roseman The Conference of Saint Mary
Columbia Capital, L.P. Mark D. Colley and Deborah Harsch The Lear Family
Cotton & Company LLP Mark Eaton and Brooksie Koopman The Morrison & Foerster Foundation
Daniel and Linda Vilardo Mary Aronov The Motley Fool
Daniel and Tracy Pilone Mason Hirst Foundation,Inc. The Options Clearing Corporation
Daniel Grooms and Susanne Sachsman Maximus Foundation The Reva and David Logan Foundation
DEPCOM Power, Inc. Michael Chiaramonte The Russell Group
Elizabeth Wilmot and Peter Adler Nora Brownell Transurban
Estate of Mike and Ginny Royal Passport Auto Group United States Senate Federal Credit Union
Eugene & Agnes E. Meyer Foundation Meghan and Patrick Hendy United Way of Greater Atlanta
Gannett Foundation Philip L. Graham Fund Virginia Non Profit Housing Coalition
Grant Thornton LLP PotomacWave Consulting Warren Payne
Greater Washington Community Foundation Professional Contract Services,Inc. Wells Fargo Foundation
Harry Brown and Stephanie DiCaprio Revada Foundation Westminster Presbyterian Church
Ivakota Foundation Robert Musser and Barbara Francis

Gifts from $1,000 to $4,999

Access National Bank Eric Holmes Mary Hall
Adam Cohn Fairlington United Methodist Church Matt and Amy Sheldon
Adam Cole Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Megan Beerbower
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Forum One Metro Church
Alexandria Oral Surgery, PC Fran and Richard Becker Michael and Joy Lyden
Alexandria West Rotary Foundation Inc. Frederick T. Hadeed Michael Beresik and Beth Brummel
Alfred Street Baptist Church Gartner Inc. Michael Gassmann and Cynthia Lewis
Allan and Donna Algoso Gary and Connie Partoyan Michael Powers and Christa Cochran
Alves Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. George Barbee Montie and Pearlie Craddock
Amanda Alves George Keller Nancy DiPaolo
American Legion Post #24 Gerard Ruel Nancy Smith
Andrew Abrams Goodwin House Foundation Nathan and Dawn Hurto
Andrew Viola Grace Episcopal Church Neil and Kelly Gillespie
Ann M. Bowman Smith Guy and Kerry Whitlock Neil Schlussel Family Foundation
Anonymous Hal and Mary-Parker Lamm Patti Lieblich and Marsha Way
Anthony Abreu Henry and Catherine Desmarais Paul and Barbara Hoeper
Anthony and Elizabeth Hamed Herbert and Tamela Hughes Paul and Rose-Ellen Campbell
Anthony Coco HH Logistics Planning, LLC Paul and Vikki Cooper
Appleby Law PLLC Ian Bryan Peter and Pilar Lunt
Applied Policy LLC IBM Employee Services Center Protiviti Government Services
Arlington Chapter of the Links INC Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill Public Broadcasting Service
B3 Solutions James and Barbara Jacob R & B Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.
Baptist Temple Church James and Lindsey Johnson Randy Noranbrock
Barry and Margaret Stauffer James and Sheila Fleming Richard and Beverly Dietz
Benjamin Locher James B. Flowers Richard and Kristene Miller
Bill and Jan Bassett James Wozniak Richard and Susan Anderson
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Janet McCubbin Richard Young
Bonnie Hourigan Jeff and Joan Greene Rob and Kristen Burns
Brenda Doherty Joel and Amy Bacon Robert and Karen Boyd
Bruce and Polly Saul John and Bridget Weaver Robert Rowe
Bruhn-Morris Family Foundation John and Diane Hynes Robert Theobald
Bryan and Mary White John and Elizabeth Siegel Roberta M. Babbitt
Caudron, Megary, Blackburn Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors John and Mary Mazzuchi Ronald and Ellen Jerdonek
Charles Hooff John and Sandra Hyland III Rotary Club of Alexandria
Chris and Kristin Teeters John Marshall Bank Sam and Ashley Chamberlain
Christopher and Ann McMurray John McCormack Scott and Andrea Ponsor
Christopher and Jennifer Bahret John McEvoy Sean and Celeste Heather
Claire LeSuer Jen Lachman and John Villar Shannon Doyle
Clese Erikson Johnson & Johnson Shiloh Baptist Church
Collin and KC Moller Joshua and Rachel Baer Shirley E. Cherkasky
Comcast Justin Jackson Stan and Tracy Darroch
Commonwealth of Virginia Justin M. Wilson Stephen Weyer
Cooper Carry Foundation Inc. Karen Amy Steve and Marilyn Safferstone
Culinary Advisors Karen J. Van De Car Steven and Melinda Roznowski
Curtis O’Hara Foundation Keller Smith and Heather Wishart-Smith Tania Wilkes
Dana Kauffman Kelli Peterson The Campbell Foundation
Danny and Nicole Onorato Kerry and Eva Donley The GE Foundation
Darrone Suggs Korey Weeks The McCance Foundation Trust
David and Denise Tordella Krishna Sannidhanam The UPS Store- Old Town
David and Maura Young Lee Fifer and Sarah Savage Timothy and Debra Howard
David and Rixey Canfield Leslie MacCallum Todd and Kelley Schuerhoff
David and Sarah Williams Linda Banton Tom McEwen and Nora Lyons
David Wilburn Lindsey and James Johnson Tori and Nick Gregorios
Deborah A. Bombard Madigan Schuler, LLC United Way of the National Capital Area
Donovan and Jenny Roley Mark Bulmash Vikram Malhotra
Edward Walker and Brenda Kurlansik Mark Tonsetic Whole Foods Market Old Town
Element 84, LLC Mary Ann A. Bier William Goolsby

Gifts from $500 to $999

Alexandria Toyota George and Helen Lynch Mary and Bert Johnson
Allan Garnaas and Joanne Sedor Gerald and Harriett Hopkins Mary Jane Malone
Amanda H. Huckins Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Mary Regan
Andrew Bleeker Hank and Mary Terhune Maureen Downs
Anne Richardson Harrison Wadsworth McEnearney Associates,Inc.
Anthony and Christina Deldonna Holly Nolting Meg Milroy
Arina Van Breda Hord Coplan Macht Melissa Margulies
Barry and Melissa Cox Howard Gardner School Metro Pinochle Social Club
Ben and Rita Grazda IDI Management Michael E. Wicks
Beulah Baptist Church J.Robert Lentini II and Sandra Piech-Lentini Michelle Dunkley
Beverley Hills United Methodist Church Jacqueline Basile Monise W. Quidley
Carl E. Scheffey James and Catherine Kelley Nancy Appleby
Carolyn G. McKee James and Diane Murphy Natalie Coburn
Carrie and Joshua Keene James and Suzanne Davis Neil P. Byrne
Carrie Jolly Jeff Hayes and Sarah K. Dilks Outdoor Power Equipment Institute,Inc.
Charlene Schaper Jeffrey and Carolyn Fischer Peter French
Charles V. Someren Jeffrey and Joan Ferrill Philip and Maria Varghese
Charlotte Hall Jeffrey O’Malley Phillip Gorman
Craig Waite Jennifer Crowne ProFlex Physical Therapy
CSRA International, Inc Jennifer Mueller Ralph Espach
Dan Eisen and Sara Pikofsky Jennifer Poersch Reid Adler
Daniel Cross Jennifer Walsh Rhonda Rose
Daniel Figg Jerry Hartz and Jennifer Vasiloff Richard Niemann
Daniel Yoho Joan Huffer and Robert Dugger Family Fund Rita Svec
David and Lynn Introcaso John and Ann Gordon Robert & Jan Roche
David and Susan Hirschmann John and Barbara Lillard Robert Carpenter
David Armitage and Kristin Smith-Armitage John and Cheryl Hubbard Robert Dugger
David Marcellas John and Katherine Anderson Sally Murray
David Shaw John Fowler Scott and Gail Chesson
Debbie Sikes John H. Boardbent Scott Parr and Phyllis Rienzo-Parr
Deborah Conlan John Hardies and Shirley Marshall Stephanie Stack
Deborah Holmes John Place Stephen and Alesia Frerichs
Debra Jarrett John Sherner Stephen Cumbie and Druscilla French
Denis and Sara Dwyer Joyce Douglas Stephen Koenig
Donald Alexander Julia Trotter Stephen Morris
Edith Bullard Justin and Catherine Philpott Stephen Trimble
Elaine Halchin Justin Darkoch Steven and Sara Miller
Elisabeth Borges Kaleb and Carrie Redden Steven Banashek
Elisabeth Hendy Kelli Zingler Ted Ellett
Elizabeth Livingston Kerry Moody The K Foundation
Elizabeth Sibold Kevin and Patricia Moore Thomas and Ellen Whitmore
Eric and Laura Wagner Kim Nielsen Thomas Dabney
Eric M. Jackson Kimberly and Robert Weir Tom Willkomm and Janet Anderson
Erin Rankin Last Man Standing Club United Way of Central Maryland
Ernie Pickell and Bridget Donohue Lath Rasavong Verizon Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation Lindy Paull Vicky Baker
First Baptist Church Lisa Lehman William Algoso
Francis and Jennifer McCreery Marc Pilcher and Wendy Venable William and Teresa Rowe
Frantz Family Fund Marialuisa Gallozzi William Barrick and Mary Carlson
Fru-Con Foundation Mark Bailey William Cohen and Diane Mangano-Cohen
Gary T. Burtless Martha Stinson

Gifts from $100 to $499

Aaron and Susan Christoff Helen Steene Michael and Michele Cook
Adrian G. Clary Henry and Amy Bradley Michael Bogdanow
Adrienne Griffin Henry Fonvielle Michael Doyle
Agility DGS Holdings, INC Hilary Anderson Michael Fox
Alan and Lina Dinerman Holiday Inn Alexandria Michael Hampf
Alan Kadrofske Howard Kramer Michael Miller
Alexandra Willson Hsien Lilly Michael Stephens
Alexandria City Public School Ingre Stackhouse Michael Sterling
Alexandria Watergate Lions Club J. D and Edwina Leverett Michael White
Alice Curtin J. Paul and Family Williamson Michele P. Donahue
Alisa Beyninson J. Robert and Maureen Franks Michelle Butler
Alison Campbell Jacky Raker Michelle Krisel
Alison DeCourcey Jacquelyn Kittredge Mike and Maureen Doyle
Allen and Purvi Irwin James and Catherine Garland Milan Waters
Alma Edgerly James and Emma Grimes Mitch and Mickey Fenyk-King
Alma Ripps James and Evelyn Weber Monica Tuck
Amoret B. Bunn James and Kathleen Madden N Rogers
Amy Berks James and Laura Snow Nancie Johnson
Amy Escobar James and Leslie O’Sullivan Nancy Lee Coughlin
Andrea L. Lacey James and Margo Heegeman Nathan McKenzie
Angels Envy James and Regina Derzon Neal and Valerie Berry
Anita Turk James and Susan Maslanka Neil and Lynn Parent
Ann Ballard James and Teresa Carroll Neil and Sheila Jurinski
Ann Etter James Brown Nicholas Maestoso
Ann F. McCormick-Mcquillan James Duffy Norma Glerum
Anna Lecos James Freeman Northside 10
Anonymous James Galligan and Kathleen Cawley Oleksandr Yergiyev
Anthony Donald James Grady and Bonnie Goldstein Otto and Catherine Reinbacher
Arun Pankaj James Horney and Laura Phelps Pam Michell
Association of Government Accountants James M. Smith Pam Sullivan
Audrey Rasmussen James Wascak Pamela Nestell
Barbara Kates Jan S. Amundson Patricia Barbarowitz
Barbara Landes Jane A. Manning Patricia Brinkman
Barbara Treese Jane L. Picot Patricia C. Wahab
Barney Gary and Jean Smrcka Janet Vasak Patricia D’Costa
Beau and Carrie Schuyler Janet W. Roberson Patricia Mueller
Belaine J. Lehman Janice Popowich Patricia W. Mcmillan
Belinda Collins Jason and Suzy Booma Patricia Waterfield
Beltway Vending Jason Bassingthwaite Patrick and Daniele Byrnett
Beverly Shiner Jason Soules Patrick and Dolores Clarke
Bill and Sandra Shecter Jean-Paul Lisa Martin Patrick and Mary Watson
Bill Gordon Jeanna D. Reidy Patrick Clancey
Blain and Peg Butner Jeannette Pickett Patrick Hagan
Bob Coward Jeannine Ginivan Hyde Patrick Kelly
Bonnie Blair Jeff & Diane Nees Patti Fike
Bonnie Hershberg Jeff and Cathy Warner Paul and Mary Schoen
Booz Allen Hamilton Jeff and Regina Creskoff Paul Harris
Braddock Heights Community Jeff Barnes Paula G. Lettice
Braxton and Ellen Tabb Jeffrey and Patricia Myers-Hayer Paula Potts
Brenda Creel Jen Hoover Peter and Donna Harvey
Brian and Paula Alprin Jenifer Stern Peter and Nancy Bautz
Brian Foster Jenna Martin Peter and Yvonne Carson
Brian Rokus Jennifer Edwards Peter Cohn
Bridget Hagan Jennifer Hollings Philip D’Ambrosio
Bruce and Annabel Ebersole Jennifer Kobylski Philip G. Sunderland
C Baughman Jeremiah Christopher Phyllis Schmid
Calvin Burgart Jeremy Hayes Pledgeling Foundation
Camden National Bank Jerome and Bernice Chapman Priscilla Andre-Colton
Carol B. Omaggio Jesse and Emily O’Connell Priscilla Hall
Carol Carbough Jessica Thurnes Priscilla Songsanand
Caroline Carroll Jill Clark PWC
Caroline Cooper Jill Leggio Quincy Hines
Carolyn Bolden Jill Mendelson Rachelle LaVolpe
Carolyn Lethert Jim Dahl Ray and Betty Hicks
Carroll Corbin Jim Taylor Ray and Maggy Reddy
Caswell Hobbs Jimmy and Susan Walker Raymond Fredette
Catherine Miliaras JL Wagner Raymond Poteat
Catherine Southwick Joan H. Moore Reginald Berry
Catherine Tyler Joan Myers Renee Luebke
Charles and Georgette Wilson Joan Thompson Renee Pietrangelo
Charles and Janet Ziegler Joe Baldwin Renshaw-Porter Family Fund
Charles Scarborough Joel and Maria -Da-Gloria Klotz Ricardo and Myrta Alonso
Charles Thomas Joel Miller Richard and Ann Davis
Charles Wilson John and Beverly Bernhards Richard and Laura Colton
Charlotte Grzebien John and Calista Downey Richard and Mary Rock
Chastity Thornton John and Donna Sheridan Richard and Molly Vacura
Cheryl Ellsworth John and Judith Mitchell Richard Dorrier and Janet Hammond
Chris and Laura Hartman John and Malicia Kromer Richard G. Bert
Chris and Mary Sexton John and Margaret Repetti Richard Keiser
Chris Martin John and Paula Sullivan Richard Kennedy and Carol Goodloe
Chris Simms John and Winifred Silverson Richard Kidd
Christ Church Gift Shop John Gualtieri Richard Rice
Christina Hamm John J. Kenny Richard Schubert
Christine Messina-Boyer John King and Kathleen Farley Richard W. Goodale
Christopher and Christine Palmer John LeBlanc Robert and Diane Hannan
Christopher Fabian John M. Bryant Robert and Eleanor Quigley
Christopher James John Pellett Robert and Kim McKernan
Christy Finn John Phillips Robert and Marcia Prichard
Claire Heffernan John R. Maney Robert and Maria Corsi
Clara Hemphill John Spevacek Robert and Suzanne Stevralia
Clark Construction Group,Inc. John Taylor Robert Battle
Costco Wholesale #200 John Woods and Donna Cramer Robert Chavez
Craig and Rhonda Munier Johnel and Gary Lance Robert Mandell
Cynthia Creelman Jonathan Harper Robert Perrino
Cynthia Ingersoll Jonathan Tilton Robert Pumo
Cynthia P. Roscoe Jonathan Wolcott Robert R. Woolard
Dagobert Soergel Joseph and Cheryl Malloy Robert Shapiro
Dana Moore Joseph and Gracia Martore Robert Thorne
Daniel and Dawn Deiongh Joseph and Patricia Toole Roger and Barbara Furey
Daniel Auble Joseph Benkert Roger and Susan Sullivan
Daniel Viglione Joseph Lastelic Roger Eckert
Darlene Abubakar Joseph Ozalas Roland and Diana Reynolds
Dash Bus Company Josh Gerstein and June Shih Roseanne Hochuli
Dave and Dianne Elderkin Josie Maldonado Roy Englert
Dave Dellefield Judith Coady Ruth Valentin
David and Barbara Currie Judy Carter Sam and Renee Brathwaite
David and Carol Erion Julia Watterson Samuel Barr
David and Carol Simmons Julie Angus Sara Cummings
David and Charlene Pritzker K. Kemper Sara Struwe
David and Christine Beinhacker Kara Cosby Sarah Grand
David and Iris Straus Karen C. Murphy Sarah J. Gindel
David and Kimberley Kaplan Karen Staha Satish Iyer
David and Marcia Speck Kate Kirchgraber Scott Davis
David and Susan Stafford Katherine Bartell Scott Eshom and Elizabeth Jordan-Wihelm
David Ballintyn Katherine Glennon Scott Leaf
David Bullen Katherine Gunter Sean Crumley
David Cunningham Kathleen Burns Seena Foster and Kuzma Kopano
David Pearce Kathleen Marshall Shanna Brown
Dawan Stanford Kathleen Sheehy Shelia Jackson
Dean Copeland Kathryn Zajac Sherry de Vries
Deborah Ellis-Bigelow Kathy Lewis Sirine Fisher
Deborah J. Dewey Katrina VanGieson Star Picucci
Deborah Keefe Kay Chewning Stephanie Dourado
Deborah Von Schmidt-Pauli Keith and Lynda Hightower Stephanie Mercier
Debra Hill Kelley Baker Stephanie Polyzois
Debra Rog Kelly Ridings Stephanie Schmelz
Deidre Stancioff Ken and Becky Ellison Stephen Albert
Del Pepper Kenneth and Arlene Shaulis Stephen and Linda Tracy
Denise Steene Kenneth and Barbara Laun Stephen and Susan Cloud
Dennis and Betsy Seipp Kevin Brown Stephen and Susan Shaw
Dennis and Julia Watkins Kevin Tullier Stephen Bertetti
Diana L. Meredith Kevin Zimmerman Stephen D’Antoni
Diane B. Stoy Kimberly Sanchez Steve Doran
Diane Tilton Kimberly Welch Steven and Joyce Gibson
Don and Lois Vantine Kitty Russell Steven and Laura Key
Donald and Barbara Jones Kristin Parker Steven and Lisa O’dell
Donald MacVittie Kristina Zanotti Steven Hampton
Donna Carey Lachman Consulting LLC Strategic Initiative Nursing Group
Douglas and Judy Feaver Lalit Sharma Stuart and Ellen Bradley
Douglas and Lana Guiler Larry and Janice Peters Sue Rogich
Douglas Olsen Larry and Sharon Beeman Sugar Shack
Downtown Baptist Church Larry Campbell Susan Beach
Drew Brown Laura MacKay Susan Davis
Drew Cariaso Laura Northey Susan Schruth
Duncan and Susan Blair Laura Perritt Susan Swain
Dwight Carter Laurel Glassman and William Neff Susan Thompson
Edda Ashkenazi Lauren Masucci Susan Yoon Edgington
Edward and Adrienne Schmitz Lauren Murray Suzanne Post
Edward Salomon Leanna L. Saler Suzanne Tillman
Edwin and Kathy Albetski Leigh Siegfried Sylvia F. Linke
Effie Frost Leland and Marcia Bailey Tania Hernandez-Andersen
Eleanor Holsopple Len and Karen Rogers Tara Hooper
Elena Butterfield Leonard Wolf Ten Thousand Villages
Elise Reeder Lester and Louise Welch Terry Gilliland
Elizabeth Anderson Linda Barrett Thao Nguyen
Elizabeth Bollmann Linda Brandt The Women of the Church of St. Clement
Elizabeth Cassidy Linda Briley Theodore Lutz
Elizabeth Chan Linda Fisher Thomas and Anne Whalen
Elizabeth Jarrett Linda Greenway Thomas and Bonnie Miller
Elizabeth Little Linda Wong Thomas and Carol. Donlan
Elizabeth Mandel Lisa Chimento Thomas and Jane Earley
Elizabeth Salgado Lisa Clark Thomas and Marcia Greco
Ella M. Davis Lisa Fues Thomas and Sally Brown
Ellen Horton Lisa Lawrence Thomas Fleming
Elyse Phelps Lissa Grubbs Thomas Hussey
Emily Stratton Louis and Karen Mayo Thomas Somers
Eric and Helen Ackerman Lynn Mehaffy Thomas Wisnowski
Eric Goldberg Lynnette Goree Tiffany Frazier
Erica Hotmire Mabet de Lange Tim and Sarah O’Hara
Erik Milito Manuel Avila Timothy Brightbill and Ruth Gates
Erin McCopp Marcus Smail Timothy Heath
Ernest and Montsie Lehmann Margaret Harlow Tom and Ann Moore
Ernest Chambers Margaret P. Obrien Tracy Rickett
Eshom ‘n Wihelm Family Fund Margarete Ashmore Trisha Guillebeau
Eugene and Dorothy Mulligan Marianne Holmes Unalane Foundation
Eugene and Judith Miller Marie Ridder United Helath Group
Evan Weber Marilyn Hernwall United Way of Central Indiana
Evelyn Gleason Mark and Karen Kapeluck Val and Dottie Hawkins
Fairlington Presbyterian Church Mark and Vickie Meranda Vanessa Schulman
Fay Slotnick Mark Loucas Victoria Horrock
Frances Talley Mark Traver Virginia Rocen
Francine Scaffidi Marsha Rhea Volkswagen Group of America,Inc.
Francis and Hilary Stiff Martha Challinor Walker Real Estate LLC
Francis M. Golden Martha Romans Walter and Stella Perry
Fred and Betsy True Martin and Dawn Sarsfield Walter and Susan Witek
Fred Hauchman Martin and Susan Goodhart Walter Vogel
Fredericka Holt Martin Schaupner Washington Speakers Bureau
Garner and Claire Bennett Mary A. Kirby Watermelan Designs, LLC
Gary Solis and Andrea Haslinger Mary A. Salmon Wendell Quidley
Genevieve Knezo Mary Alexandre William A. Marshall
George and Marguerite Chadwick Mary and Roger Charles William and Alice Rogalski
George and Martha Sawyer Mary E. Feeney William and Andralyn Allen
George and Mary Cushmac Mary E. Joyce William and Dona Lee
Georgeanne Wiggin Mary E. Scanlan William and Elizabeth Johnson
Gerda Wolf Mary K. Parker William and Linda Thorla
Gibson McMahon Mary L. Herbster William and Robin De Graf
Gillian Chen Mary Lyman William and Sally Brierre
Girl Scout Council of the Nations Capital, Troop 3081 Mary P. Hickey William and Teddye Clayton
Glenn Bailey Mary Tuke- Klemmt William Bremmer
Glenn Gamber MaryCatherine Cavanaugh William Dorr
Glennis Botelho Matilda Bailey William Driscoll
Grace Schmitt Matthew Ellison William Fourqurean
Greg and Amanda Sullivan Matthew Markel William G. Susling
Greg and Cyndy Golubin Maureen Carollo William Hill
Greg and Nancy Woodford McChrystal Associates William Horak
Hallie Wilfert McDonald and Martha Horne William Reukauf
Hannah C. Cox Medea Ranck William Roberts
Harmonia Holdings Megan Keane William W. Giroux
Heidi Meinzer Melissa Frederick Yolanda E. Corro
Helen Bolger Meredith Upchurch Zora Siemasko
Helen S Wineland Rev Trust Michael and Melanie Coughlan

Gifts $100 and Below

Accenture Ltd Jack and Rhoda Berson Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates
Achamma Chandersekaran Jack Arthur Peter and Ann Loughlin
Adaye Russom Jaime Buzzeo Peter Friesen
Adrienne Washington James and Christine Cannon Peter T. Mulhern
Alan Burnham James and Mary Giordano Peter Turner
Alan Haskel and Michele Menapace James and Maryssa Kalina Philip and Teri Gennarelli
Alexander Lew James Brincefield Pier F. Young
Alexander Skubel James Darr Purple Strategies
Alexandria Housing Development Corporation James Farrelly and Sarah Goodman Ray Smoot
Alfred and Rhonda Soto James Gallagher Raymond and Josephine Welch
Alice C. Ried James Mesiter and Michelle Poinelli Rebecca Cullen
Alice Falk Jane Gilchrist Rebecca Ellison
Allison R. Jones Jane Johnston Richard and Virginia Fox
Allison Silberberg Jane Tarr Richard Fanelli
Allyson Noble Jason Leaf Richard Vanderhoeven and Pamela Kicak
Alona C. Ayer-Ziegler Jeanette Reitz Rob and Lisa Krupicka
Amanda Hoehn Jeffrey and Laura Marin Robbie Pruitt
Amazon Smile Foundation Jeffrey Newhouse Robert and Amanda Nichols
Amy Goyer Jennie Altieri Robert and Dale Latiff
Amy Posner Jennifer Arvanitis Robert and Elizabeth Calvey
Amy Zang Jennifer Marshall Robert and Ellen Patrick
Andrea Franz Jennifer Mason Robert and Julie Lineberry
Andres Almeida Jennifer McCulloch Robert and Mary Zapalac
Andrew Brennan Jennifer Palute Robert Cronin and Julianne Cronin
Andrew Carroll Jennifer Ware Robert G. Johnson
Andrew Cockram Jerry and Kathryn Murdock Robert M. Foreman
Andrius Kelly Jesse Strauss Robert Purdy
Angela Pittman Jessica Long Robert Redmond
Anita Denison Jill Shenk Roberta Moyer
Ann B. Flye Jill V. Matchett Roberta R. New
Ann Morgan Joan F. Vogel Robin McKiel
Ann Mueller Joan Kotze Rollin and Anne Huntington
Ann Warshauer Joan M. Ehle Romelle R. Million
Anne Holmgren Joanne Pyle Roselind Silverstone
Anne Poole Joesph J. Zelinka Ruby Osia
Annette Kilian John A. Tolleris Ruey-hsiung Cheng
Annette M. Licitra John F. Meekins Ruth T. Woods
Antoine and Carla Bellon De Chassy John Farrar Ryan McConaghy
Antoinette Nunn John McManus Sabrina Wear
April Shroeder John Robinson Sakeena Siddiqi
Armelle Tallec John Runyan and Ruth Kane Sally Gardner
Arra A. Mazor John T. Chapman Sam and Kathleen Turner
Ashley Matthews John Young Sandra R. Sutton
Ashley V. Bunte Jon and Lisa Quandt Sarah Evans
Bao Anh Nguyen Khoa Jonathan and Elizabeth Legg Sarah Haut
Barbara Brenman Joselyn Schmidt-Jones Sarah Knutson
Barbara M. Glover Joseph and Rebecca Brocato Sarah Savoie
Barbara Pearson Joseph and Sarah Schramm Scott and Corinne Baker
Barbara Rodriguez Joseph Mancias Scott Lawson
Barbara Schwartz Josephine Bonomo Second Story
Barbara Silverman Joshua DeBold Sharon Block
Becky Carson Joyce Carrier Sharon Gordon
Benjamin Tecmire Judd and Christina Berube Sharon Pearce
Bernice Williams Judith Munday Sheldon Lampert
Bilal Malik Judy Davis Shella Chambers
Binyam Abeye Judy Shalhoup Sherman and Doris Landau
Bob and Gay Pasley Julie Huebsch Silvia Terlitzky
Bonita and Laura Crawford June McSwain Sreekumar Gopinathan
Brandon Lord Kaitlyn Massa Stacy Hickman
Brent Blevins Karen Dade-Carter Stefan Sidahme
Brent Kenny Karen E. Vlaskmap Stephanie Jackson
Brett Sirois Karen Hill Stephanie Kapsis
Brian Bumpas Karl Boughan Stephanie Wright
Brian Donohoe Kate Krems Stephen and Helen Henley
Brian Hattery and Maude lee Katherine Polys Stephen Capelli and Elizabeth Wadium
Bridget Simpkiss Katherine S. Thompson Stephen Lutes
Britt and Jane Russell Kathleen Kogut Steven and Aimee Wieland
Brittany Clark Kathleen M. Kelly Steven and Joyce Gibson
Bryan and Karen Moore Kathleen O’Sullivan Steven and Laura Key
Bryan and Kristen Wood Kayla Hornbrook Steven and Lisa O’dell
Brynn Canel Kelly McDermott Steven and Martha Ditmeyer
Caitlin Blair Kelly Stratman Steven Blanchette
Camille and Scott Shaw Kelly Wood Steven Hampton
Candace Hill Ken and Julia Arnold Steven Hoover
Canek Aguirre Kenneth and Merle Wilson Strategic Initiative Nursing Group
Carla Langjahr Kerrin Epstein Stuart and Ellen Bradley
Carole Coleman Kevin and Linea Kelley Sue Cook
Caroline Goree Kevin Stokes Sue Rogich
Carolyn B. Finley Kim Luk Sugar Shack
Carrie L. Woods Kim Painter Susan Anthony
Catherine Parker Kimberly Bouckaert Susan Beach
Catherine Rubino Kimberly Norton Susan Brown
Cathy Cook KPMG Susan Davis
Cecile Phillips Kristin Dillon Susan Frierson
Cecilia McGurk Larry and Linda Gilbertson Susan Gildersleeve
Cedar Dvorin Laura Brooks Susan M. Nelsen
Charlene Walker Laura Krafsur Susan M. Stadsklev
Charles and Mary Varhol Laura Paul Susan Newell
Charles Bonneville Lauren Cranman Susan Schruth
Charles K. Kane Lauren Trabert Susan Swain
Charles Simpson Laurence J. Clark Susan Thompson
Charlotte E. Olson Laurie Wilkison Susan Yoon Edgington
Cheryl Mendonsa Lawrence Clark Suzanne Post
Chiara Corso Leigh Dameron Suzanne Rathlev
Chris and Kristin Teeters Leigh McClure Suzanne Tillman
Chris Starrs and Jessica Hunt Leon and Mary Armour Swayzine Harris
Christina Mooney Leonard F. Anderson Sylvia F. Linke
Christine Connell Leopoldo Ochoa Tania Hernandez-Andersen
Christopher and Jane Brewster Leslie Tourigny Tara Hooper
Christopher and Jane Brewster Linda Holtslander Tara Rougle
Christopher and Victoria Vanhorne Linda Thompson Temisha Simpkins
Christopher Anderson Lindsay Powell Ten Thousand Villages
Christopher Nelsen Lisa Ashkinos Teresa Dykes
Christos J. Wallace Lisa Groover Terry Gilliland
Claire Haymes Lisa Rose Thao Nguyen
Claire Randall Louise A. Priest The Belchers
Clara Roberson Lucinda Maine The Christman Company
Claudette Sims Luis Rodrigo Diaz and Manuela Carolina Plazas The Women of the Church of St. Clement
Colleen Donley Lyles Carr Theodore and Betty Shaw
Courtney French Lynda Mullins Theodore Lutz
CustomInk LLC Lynn McCreedy Theresa M. Scott
Cyndel Bruch Lynn Poole Theresa Wilhite
Cynthia R. Lilley Lynnette Lee-Villanueva Therese M. Fela
Dale C. Gibb Madison Schaeffer Thoma and Sandra Beall
Dan and Shiloh Roehl Maggie and Luan Tran Thomas and Anne Whalen
Dana M. Linnet Major League Roller Hockey Thomas and Bonnie Miller
Daniel Demus Malka Zeefe Thomas and Carol. Donlan
Darryl and Lori Nirenberg Marc and Jenifer Mackeigan Thomas and Jane Earley
David and Carolyn DeVilbiss Marc McDonald Thomas and Marcia Greco
David and Marilyn Attianese Marcia Carpentier Thomas and Mary Tarcza
David Colton Marcia Norfleet Thomas and Sally Brown
David Roush Marco Albergo Thomas Collelo and Maryanne Beatty
David Thorpe Marco Pieri Thomas D. Edmondson
David Tygielski Margaret Honigberg Thomas Delaney
David Ware Margaret Theobald Thomas Fleming
David Watson Maria Ribas Thomas Hussey
David Weinraub Mark and Elizabeth Scheland Thomas L. Braxton
Deborah Hirtes Mark and Sue Sharp Thomas Somers
Deborah Rudolph Marla and Ruthellen Simmons Thomas Wisnowski
Debra Doak Marlene Clement Tifanny Gobbi
Debra Reinhartsen Marlyn and Midge Aycock Tiffany Frazier
Denise D. Taylor Marsha Whiterspoon Tim and Sarah O’Hara
Dennis and Susan Jones Marta Estarellas Tim Herbert
Diane L. Charles Martha Carroll Timothy Brightbill and Ruth Gates
Diane Vidoni Marthe Larosiliere Timothy Heath
Dianne C. O’Donnell Martina Hoffmann Timothy LaDonna
Donald and Suzanne Tomb Mary Clark Timothy White
Donald Kemon Mary Deaville Tina Babicz
Donna Nikodemus Mary F. Doyle Tom and Ann Moore
Dorothy Lippert Mary Fettes Tom and Pat Sugrue
Douglas E. Bobbitt Mary H. Lawrence Tom Blackwood
Dream of Goodies Mary Hooper Tovah Ravitz-Meehan
Eamon and Jane Harper Mary L. Langley Tracy Rickett
Ed Pagett Mary Morrow-Bax Tricia J. Bassing
Edward Groenert Mary Quinn Trisha Guillebeau
Edward L. Cotter Mary Rathje Tyler Johnston
Eileen DeVillier MaryAnn Kowalski Tyler Stone
Elizabeth A. Ludwig Marylin Burke Unalane Foundation
Elizabeth Began Matthew Carpenter United Community Ministries, Inc
Elizabeth Faga Matthew Carr United Helath Group
Elizabeth Jones Matthew Fontaine United Way of Central & Northeastern Connecticut
Elizabeth McClary Maureen Byrne United Way of Central Indiana
Elizabeth McDonough Mckenzie Midock United Way Valley of the Sun
Elizabeth Perrill Megan Donohue V. Greblo
Elizabeth Smith Meghan McConnell Val and Dottie Hawkins
Elizabeth Sproul Melanie Chin Vanessa Schulman
Ellen Chadbourne Melissa Jordan Victoria Horrock
Ellyn B. Ferguson Melissa Logan Vikki Bea
Elmira Vogtmann Melissa McClellan Virginia Bratti
Elsa O’Neal Melissa McMahon Virginia Drago
Elsie Mosqueda Melodee A. Pitts Virginia Holmes-Lacy
Elward Saul Melvin Stahl Virginia Lezhnev
Emily Pilgrim Michael A. Jaskowiak Virginia Rocen
Eric Engelbrektsson Michael and Holly Sasso Volkswagen Group of America,Inc.
Eric Hill Michael and Mary Baroody Walker Real Estate LLC
Erica Brouillette Michael Blow Wallace and Catherine Cooney
Erik Logerquist Michael Boyles Walter and Andrea Baumann
Erika Melman Michael Gelb Walter and Stella Perry
Erin Bouldin Michael Hagerty Walter and Susan Witek
Erin Johnson Michael Spatz Walter Vogel
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