Chances are, if you witnessed kindness, cheerfulness, or positivity at the shelter this summer, Roberta* was in the middle of it. Two years ago, Roberta left her home in Carolina County, Virginia to become the live-in caretaker for an elderly relative. She loves to help others so this was a perfect role for her. However, after a year, the elderly relative required admission to a nursing facility and Roberta was evicted from the home.  

Roberta worked as a Door Dash and Instacart contractor but struggled to maintain stable housing with the high cost of living in Alexandria. She ended up living in her car for a month and utilized David’s Place for showers and laundry. While the experience was traumatic, Roberta maintained her humble and positive outlook. “The struggle is real but I didn’t have it as bad as others because I had my car. I never had to be on the street.”

Our David’s Place case manager worked with Roberta to secure a place in our Residential Shelter so Roberta could have the safety and stability she needed to look for steady employment and permanent housing. Roberta’s friendly disposition lit up the shelter for two months. “The people at the shelter have been a blessing. They make you feel like a person.”

Roberta found full-time employment at a local restaurant while she was living at the shelter. With assistance for start up housing costs provided through our Rapid Re-Housing program, Roberta was able to move into a place of her own. She now has a great job working at a doctor’s office. “I never thought I would be homeless. I will do everything in my power to not be in that situation again. I am loving my new life and I really appreciate what Carpenter’s Shelter did for me.”


*Name changed for privacy.