Staff Members

Carpenter’s team consists program staff who work directly with shelter clients to guide them on the path out of homelessness and administrative staff who manage the organization’s financials, oversee the facility and lead fundraising efforts. In addition to the support from over 1,200 volunteers, our staff works to implement our vision of a community where all can live in permanent, affordable housing.

Shannon Steene

Executive Director

@Shannon Steene

Mary-Parker Lamm

Deputy Director

@Mary-Parker Lamm

Monise Quidley

Director of Development

@Monise Quidley

Blair Copeland

Director of Programs

@Blair Copeland

Sharon Addison

Monitor Coordinator

@Sharon Addison

Sienna Brown

Development Associate

@Sienna Brown

Katie Boyle

Rapid Re-Housing Administrative Coordinator

@Katie Boyle

Finnie Caldwell

Therapeutic Support Manager

@Finnie Caldwell

Bryan Christenson-Diver

Housing Stabilization Case Manager

@Bryan Christenson-Diver

Mary-Esther Dattatreyan

Office Manager

@Mary-Esther Dattatreyan

Youssef Guerch

VISTA Volunteer & Data Coordinator

@Youssef Guerch

Kimberly Iwuh

Housing Stabilization Case Manager

@Kimberly Iwuh

Julie Kennedy

Communications & Grants Associate

@Julie Kennedy

Victor McKnight

Housing Location Manager

@Victor McKnight

Dyneka Miller

Monitor & Intake Coordinator

@Dyneka Miller

Marsha Johnson-Colquhoun

Housing Support Manager

@Marsha Johnson-Colquhoun

William Powell

Housing Stabilization Case Manager

@William Powell

Michael Shields

Permanent Supportive Housing Case Manager

@Michael Shields

Jamila Smith

Community Relations Manager

@Jamila Smith

Lawrence Smith

Housing Support Manager

@Lawrence Smith

Cathy Smyles

Housing Locator

@Cathy Smyles

Charlene Walker

NCOA Administrative Assistant

@Charlene Walker

Denise Ziegler

Winter Shelter Manager

@Denise Ziegler