Case Management

Carpenter’s Continuum of Care is designed to meet the challenges our clients’ experiences through a continuum of emergency and long-term case management and support services. Our structured case management program is goal-oriented and encourages individuals to address the root causes of their homelessness. Carpenter’s begins to stabilize families in crisis on the first day they arrive at the shelter. When a family enters the shelter, they are immediately paired with a case manager to develop an Individual Housing Plan that acts as a blueprint for success. Case Managers then work with each resident on a regular basis to help guide them through their time at the shelter.

Community Case Management

Our relationship with our clients does not stop when they leave the shelter. A family is most at risk to return to homelessness during their first year after living in a homeless shelter. Once a client has moved into transitional or permanent housing, Carpenter’s Shelter continues to offer case management for a minimum of one year. Through the continued services, Carpenter’s Shelter reports a 93% success rate for our shelter graduates. Supportive services and monthly workshops are open to former residents as long as they have a need.