We realize that there is a stigma attached to the word homeless. Many people often associate that word with being unreliable, irresponsible, and not trustworthy. At Carpenter’s Shelter, we provide a structured environment with a variety of tools available to our residents in order for them to be successful after they move out of the shelter.

Clients are encouraged to participate in our Life Skill classes and the Ready to Rent program, both of which teach them about money management and basic renting practices. We are dedicated to spending time educating our clients about the importance of being a good roommate, paying their rent on the first of each month, and being an excellent tenant. In our 6 week Ready to Rent program, we walk each client through the renting process, making sure to create a budget and help them find an apartment they can afford. For some of our clients, the rental process can be a challenge, with previous evictions or past debts standing in their way. At Carpenter’s Shelter, we work with each of our clients to pay down past debts.

Formerly homeless individuals have a greater chance of returning to the streets within the first year of living outside of the shelter. Upon moving out, residents enter our Community Case Management program, in which we will continue to provide support through a variety of outlets for a minimum of one year. At the shelter, we will always be there for our clients in their times of need, especially after they have moved out on their own. Not only are we there to support our clients, we are also there for the landlords that rent to them. We want to continue to facilitate excellent renter and tenant relationships in order to help our clients achieve sustainable independence.