Residential Shelter

Carpenter’s Shelter is one of the largest homeless shelters in Northern Virginia, serving approximately 270 homeless men, women and children each year in the residential shelter program. Our 60-bed facility is located just north of Old Town Alexandria, VA. Carpenter’s Shelter is more than just a roof. We continually work with clients to address and overcome the causes which led them to homelessness. In addition to providing comprehensive, goal-oriented case management, we teach our residents the life skills necessary for successful community living.

Individuals and families staying in Carpenter’s Residential Shelter work with their Case Manager to ensure that they are participating in a productive day activity including employment, day programs for individuals with mental illness, classes, and volunteering. Residents are encouraged to save a portion of their income for future housing expenses.  

The average stay at Carpenter’s Shelter is 2 months for individuals and 3 months for families. Bed space is given on a first come first serve basis for individuals. Individuals and families seeking shelter must complete an intake assessment and receive a referral from Homeless Services Assessment Center.