The perspective that those who take initiative reap the benefits of society is nothing new. This ideal sounds good in theory but that’s just it; only in theory. Today that ideal could not be further from the truth when it comes to Americans overcome with poverty.

Education is just one of the obstacles those in poverty struggle with every day. Whether it’s youth struggling to find school supplies or an adult’s lack of modern resources, being successful comes down to education.

More often than not, adults living in poverty lack the education they need to succeed. With the ever-updating forms of technology, it’s becoming more and more expensive to acquire the necessary tools for jobs.

Nowadays most job applications are done completely online. Our clients here at the shelter are taught how to navigate the web and given the technology they need to apply for jobs. Since the shelter requires that all clients either be employed or actively looking for a job, we assist by providing life skills classes.

These classes include educating clients in the soft skills they need to succeed. In fact, we have an Education Program which focuses on achieving these goals. Part of the program is the Carpenter’s Education Fund, which has awarded over $130,000 in education funds to pay for school tuition, living stipends, books and computers for clients since 2005.

At Carpenter’s Shelter we aim to stop the cycle of poverty by getting children residing in the shelter excited for school and learning. We accept donated school supplies for our annual Back to School Night where the children can pick out their own supplies as well as enjoy fun activities.