Community Partner Spotlight- Dr. Jessica Hill

It’s nice to have talented friends. Carpenter’s Shelter is fortunate to have many, including Dr. Jessica Hill of Alexandria Family Dental.

Dr. Hill occasionally provides emergent dental care for our residents. Although we do not have to call on her often, each time we do, Dr. Hill provides amazing services at no cost to Carpenter’s Shelter or our resident. Recently, a resident alerted staff that she had been in terrible pain for nearly two weeks. Staff called Dr. Hill, and she immediately agreed to see the resident. In the end, Dr. Hill performed two root canals and follow-up care for our resident.

Dr. Hill is a perfect example of how community members use their talents to support Carpenter’s and our residents. We are extremely lucky to have such a great partner in Dr. Hill and are grateful for the care and support she shows our residents. Thank you, Dr. Hill, for your many years of support!