Everyone loves a challenge and the staff and residents at Carpenter’s Shelter are no different. From October 17, 2013 to January 24, 2014, thirty-three organizations in Virginia are participating in an ambitious initiative called the 100 Day Housing Challenge, placing as many homeless families as possible in permanent housing within 100 days.

Rapid re-housing is a proven and cost-effective strategy that has been used by communities across the country to reduce homelessness. It involves helping families move into housing as quickly as possible after they enter the shelter system, and then helping them maintain this housing through the provision of services and short-term financial assistance as needed.

Carpenter’s has pledged to place 15 families in permanent housing. Collectively the participating organizations have pledged to house 740 families across the state of Virginia. Ultimately the goal is to find housing for as many families as possible in 100 days.

Family homelessness decreased 17 percent in Virginia over the last three years, largely due to increased support for rapid re-housing programs. This year, Virginia is urging local organizations like Carpenter’s Shelter to keep this momentum going and to help even more families find permanent homes in the community.

Carpenter’s Shelter is up to the challenge and committed to providing wrap around services aimed to help clients maintain housing. Click here to follow our weekly progress.