Updated In-Kind Donations Policy

We have made some changes to our In-Kind Donation Policy. These updates are to ensure we are stewarding donations to the best of our ability as well as educating our donors on our specific needs. Some of the changes are highlighted below: 

  • We now have an email sign up sheet for those who would like us to reach out to them when we have a specific need. For example, if we have a family that needs clothes for their children, we will reach out to those on the list with details of what we need. Email KellyMcDermott@CarpentersShelter.org if you’re interested in signing up!
  • We cannot accept unsolicited clothing, furniture, used or new toys, books, games or car seats due to space constraints and safety
  • Due to VA health code, we are unable to accept any leftover perishable refrigerated foods. We have an amazing team of volunteers who come every single day to feed our clients. We are unable to ensure that the food was kept at safe temperatures, so we will no longer be accepting any of these foods.

Click here for a printable copy of our In-Kind Donation Policy.