Before arriving at Carpenter’s Shelter, single mom Linda* spent two years going from place to place trying to find stable housing. Due to an unstable family situation and a history of bad relationships and domestic violence, Linda had trouble settling in one place. Although she did have consistent, full-time employment, she didn’t have enough funds for a security deposit on a new home for her and her four young children. Recognizing that she needed stability and support, she sought help at Carpenter’s.

During her stay at the shelter, Linda continued working full time and saved money to go towards future housing. She coordinated with our staff to create a budget, attended our Pre-School Prevention classes, and worked with our contracted mental health specialist to address her difficult past. Linda’s children also participated in the shelter’s numerous youth programs during their stay. After working with our Housing Locator, Linda was approved for rapid rehousing and found a unit in the community. Through our rapid rehousing program, we provided Linda with funds for her security deposit and three months of rent at her new unit—costs that would have otherwise prevented her and her kids from being able to move into a new home. Linda and her children are now living in a three-bedroom townhome in Fairfax, VA after staying at the shelter for a little over two months. 

*Identity has been changed for confidentiality reasons.