Finding and maintaining employment can, at times, be a struggle for our clients. They often face an uphill battle due to an inconsistent employment history or lack of experience. At the shelter, we offer a variety of classes geared towards encouraging our clients to become self-sufficient.

Every Saturday, Carpenter’s offers job coaching classes to our clients. Clients are paired with a job coach that helps them work on their resume, fill out job applications, practice mock interviews, and much more. These classes are run entirely by volunteers, currently we have 7 job coaches who work one-on-one with our clients ever Saturday morning.

We pair our clients with a volunteer who not only will meet their needs, but are also a good match for their personalities. During the job coaching session, clients will work on their resumes and go over interview tips. Coaches will also help our clients look for positions that are a right fit for their background and experience.

Sessions like these are extremely helpful to many of our clients. Unfortunately, due to inconsistent housing, many of our clients have never held a steady job and need as much support as they can get when it comes to finding employment. Our volunteers dedicate their time and expertise to helping our clients. Their generosity is invaluable and a tremendous help.

If you would like to volunteer as a job coach, please contact Liz Salter.