Seasons greetings from the residents and staff of Carpenter’s Shelter! December certainly has been a busy month for us and we’d like to take the time to say THANK YOU for your overwhelming support this holidays season. We take a different approach to the holidays and to meal preparation at the shelter and because of this, there are a few things we are no longer accepting in 2012.

We’d like to take a minute to explain our policy, to help you understand why we are no longer accepting many donations at this time. Every holiday season we ask our residents and community case managed clients to create a wishlist of item. We pair each resident with a donor who purchases all the presents and delivers them to the shelter. This way, all of our residents get the presents they want and we don’t create excess. The same goes for our kitchen. Each day, meal groups purchase, prepare and serve meals to our residents. For these reasons we can long accept the following items in 2012:
  • Cookies
  • Toys
  • Holiday Party Leftovers
  • CoatsHats & Gloves
  • Travel Sized Toiletries
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Gift bags
If you would like to support the shelter this year, here are a few items we can still accept:
Thank you for your understanding and continued support and Happy New Year from the residents and staff of Carpenter’s Shelter!