Are you looking for volunteer opportunities for the whole family, but don’t have time to become a regular volunteers? Normally, Carpenter’s Shelter volunteers have to be over the age of 18+, but a few times a year we make an exception, for Circle of Hope members and their families. The Circle of HOPE (Helping Others through Partnership and Engagement) was founded in 2010 by three Alexandria mothers who were deeply concerned about local homelessness. They hoped to make a long term difference but between raising a family, school, church and work, they were not be able to become weekly volunteers at Carpenter’s Shelter. Searching for a middle ground between weekly volunteering and anonymous yearly donations, these three women came together to form The Circle of HOPE.

Rather than just making a donation, Circle members have an unique opportunity to engage with the Shelter and other Circle families by participating in special Circle of HOPE projects. Circle of HOPE members are invited to participate in:

  • Easter Egg Stuffing
  • Cocktails and Canned Goods Garden Party
  • Back to School Supply Distribution
  • Thanksgiving Basket Assembly

Circle of Hope membership is established through a $250 annual contribution. If you are interested in learning more, please download our flyer.

Please direct your questions to or (709) 548-7500 x213