At Carpenter’s Shelter, we serve an average of 130 clients a month in our residential shelter. Approximately 30 of those clients are children and over 1,000 residents are served yearly. Carpenter’s Shelter’s comprehensive continuum of care offers continuous services, aiding these shelter residents through their transition back into independent living. 50% of these clients make only between $500 and $1000 every month and the other half makes less than $250.With the help of Employment Readiness Classes and job coaching, our clients are able to join the workforce and have stable salaries, but only if they are in the program and committed to creating a more secure life.

Carpenter’s also serves clients through our day shelter, David’s Place, and our Winter Shelter. Approximately 37% of those are chronically homeless, 72% are unemployed, and 42% struggle with a self-reported mental health diagnosis. Approximately 66% come from Alexandria, while the rest receive services from surrounding shelters in counties such as Arlington and Falls Church. When asked why they come to shelter, 31% reported that they are lacking support and are seeking a more stable and secure life.

Because of these large and increasing numbers, the homeless population requires much attention and help. What does Carpenter’s Shelter do to help? We provide residential housing for over 80 clients a day, offering them meals and a place to sleep. Carpenter’s also offers employment classes, job coaching, parenting classes, children’s programs, health services, and case management for up to a year after they have left the program. Clients attend classes, save money, and have a place to lay their head at night while in the shelter, leading to increased knowledge and skills and eventually moving into a home of their own.

Carpenter’s Shelter does much to improve the lives of homeless individuals and families, but we cannot do it alone. Without your support and contributions, Carpenter’s would not be able to achieve its goal of ending homelessness. What can you do? Help us in the fight to stop homelessness. Carpenter’s Shelter is dedicated to helping all families find steady employment and a home. We empower our clients to address the issues which led them to homelessness, and provide the tools necessary to achieve lasting independence. 90% of those who complete our program never return to homelessness again. With your help we can succeed in helping those in need and give them a better tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued support.