A week ago today Carpenter’s Board member, Val Hawkins stood up at Volunteer Alexandria’s Evening in the Heart of Alexandria and accepted the Marion Vanlandingham Lifetime Achievement Award. The award recognizes individuals in the community for their dedication and service to the City of Alexandria. The room was filled with people who were there to congratulate Val on his accomplishments. However, there were a few close friends who couldn’t be at the event who decided to surprise Val by taking him out to dinner the night before to celebrate. Over dinner the friends cooked up a deal that Val couldn’t refuse. The deal went as followed:

Val must accept his award wearing a plaid shirt (the kind a carpenter would wear). The shirt must be flannel with lots of red, some blue and no tie or neck piece. No jacket or anything else over the shirt may be worn for the duration of the event. A photo must be sent at the time of the award. If these conditions are met each person at the dinner party will donate $1000 to Carpenter’s Shelter.

As you might have guessed the conditions were met and thanks to Lee Fifer, Peter Lunt, Fred Sachs, David Speck and Nick Carosi Carpenter’s Shelter received a generous donation of $5,000 to help further our mission of ending homelessness.