Now that warm weather has finally hit the area, Winter Shelter has closed its doors. Winter Shelter provides a safe refuge from illness, injury and death during inclement weather. This year Winter Shelter serviced 296 total individuals and logged 105 extended hours. Extended hours means Winter Shelter does not close due to severe weather conditions.

With the extensive snow days this season, there was a point when Winter Shelter was open over 100 hours straight. They opened their doors at 1:00 p.m. January 21 and remained open until the morning of January 26. While the polar vortex may have played a role, our volunteers rallied to help us serve our most vulnerable population.

The cold temperatures and harsh winds that come with the winter season cause the unsheltered to seek shelter. For many homeless persons, Winter Shelter is the first step toward getting off the streets. Oftentimes the window for accepting help is briefly open and our staff continues to be diligent when responding to those requesting shelter.

Carpenter’s Shelter would like to thank all the volunteers that helped with Winter Shelter as well as Church of St. Clement and Alfred Street Baptist Church for their partnerships this year.