For the past few days we’ve all been preparing our households for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. You’d be hard-pressed to find water bottles at any grocery store in the DMV area. While everyone has been out collecting storm supplies, our team at Carpenter’s Shelter has been pulling together an emergency plan for the homeless of Alexandria.

Every year starting on November 1st we open our winter shelter from 7pm-7am to those needing a warm place to sleep, away from the icy chill of winter. With Sandy predicted to rock the DC area with strong winds and heavy rainfall, our winter shelter staff made the decision to open four days early.

Sunday Oct 28, Winter Shelter opened its doors to all homeless individuals seeking shelter from the storm. We will remain open until tuesday afternoon, and possibly longer, depending on the severity of the storm.

Stay safe during hurricane sandy! Please consider donating your left over storm supplies to Carpenter’s Shelter after the storm has passed including: water bottles, canned food, batteries, umbrellas, ponchos and flashlights. We are not able to accept perishable foods.