Ms. Violet* came to Carpenter’s Shelter after living with a family member for several years. When she was no longer able to stay there, Ms. Violet found herself truly homeless and turned to Carpenter’s Shelter for support.

Upon entering residential shelter, Ms. Violet worked with the case management team to tackle the barriers between her and permanent housing in the community. Ms. Violet and the team quickly realized that one of the greatest issues before her was not unemployment or lack of support but her low self-esteem. Ms. Violet says she struggled to believe that any business would want to hire her and this self-doubt prevented her taking action.

Still, she and the case management team persisted. Ms. Violet crafted a résumé and practiced her interviewing skills. Meanwhile our Employment Navigator established a partnership with the National Council of Aging and secured her a job placement. Finally, after months of hard work, Ms. Violet began her first job in years!

Next, Ms. Violet set her sights on securing a room rental in the community and started working with our Housing Locator to make it happen. After searching and saving, the pair finally found the right fit. After months in shelter, Ms. Violet moved out of Carpenter’s Shelter and into a room of her own!

Ms. Violet expresses gratitude for her time at Carpenter’s Shelter and appreciates that her social personality transformed her into a godmother of sorts for the other residents. In fact, she says that her favorite part about living at Carpenter’s Shelter was the extended opportunity to meet new people! It is the support of the community and, according to Ms. Violet, her sincere commitment to achieving her goals that finally led her to success.

*Identity has been changed for confidentiality reasons.