Sandy, a 34-year-old mother of three, entered our shelter in August for her third time in seven years.

When she entered the last time, she was again underemployed and not able to maintain housing. Sandy had a tendency to move from job to job trying to obtain just a few more hours or a few more cents per hour in pay. This provided her with a very haphazard employment history, making it increasingly difficult to find meaningful employment.

Immediately upon entry and during her new client weekly orientation, Sandy spoke to our Education & Employment Coordinator who let her know that she needed to come up with a process for changing her current employment habits. During their first meeting, Sandy identified that what she really wanted to do and what she was good at was working with children. Together they put together a plan, step by step, on how to obtain this type of employment and be able to support herself and her three sons. After applying for scholarship assistance to obtain her CDA (Child Development Associate), her next step was to find full-time employment as she still needed to support her family while she obtained her CDA. Sandy worked hard and found a full-time job at a local restaurant. This evening position allowed her to complete her CDA classes during the day and still take care of her family.

Sandy and her children moved out of the shelter and into their own apartment and she was able to maintain those expenses and complete her CDA. Once she completed her certification, our Education & Employment Coordinator worked with her to ensure she was effective in finding employment in her new profession.

After just a few months, Sandy was working a full-time job doing what she always wanted to do and is now able to support her family’s needs.

*Identity has been changed for confidentiality reasons.