Sandy is a 34-year-old mother of three boys who spent a few months in our Emergency Residential Shelter. In addition to a goal of finding permanent housing, Sandy had a career goal of working with children. Sandy and our Education & Employment Coordinator put together a plan of how to make this goal a reality. She was able to utilize Carpenter’s Scholarship Fund to obtain her CDA (Child Development Associate) and she successfully found full-time employment so she could support her family while she earned her certification. Sandy worked hard at a local restaurant in the evenings which allowed her to complete her CDA classes and take care of her family during the day.

Sandy and her children moved out of the shelter and into their own apartment and she was able to maintain those expenses and complete her CDA. Once she completed her certification, our Education & Employment Coordinator worked with her to ensure she was successful in finding employment in her new profession.

After just a few months, Sandy was working a full-time job doing what she always wanted to do and is now able to support her family’s needs.

*Identity has been changed for confidentiality reasons.