Brittany is smart, friendly, and personable — and a loving mom to four sons and a daughter. She is also focused and determined, and although this 33-year-old’s road to permanent housing has not been easy, she finally achieved it with the help of Carpenter’s Shelter. 

Brittany grew up in Washington, D.C. where she lived with her mother, brother, and sister until moving to Texas seven years ago. Brittany and her boyfriend had wanted a fresh start for their growing family so they moved closer to his relatives in Texas who were an important support system for the family. They found a small but affordable apartment there and lived comfortably for five years.  

Family ties brought the family back to Virginia where they lived for a year until a landlord dispute in the middle of the pandemic left them without a home. Brittany has a disability and although her boyfriend works full-time, finding affordable housing for the large family was challenging. They temporarily moved in with Brittany’s sister while looking for housing. The pandemic made searching for housing very difficult and being unable to stay with Brittany’s sister any longer, the family contacted the City of Alexandria for help and were referred to Carpenter’s Shelter. 

Brittany is very grateful to Carpenter’s Shelter for providing her family with a place to live and connecting them to community resources. Her children were able to attend summer camp nearby and enjoyed holiday celebrations, Children’s Hour, and pet therapy nights. Brittany worked hard along with her Case Manager and Housing Locator, and was able to find a three-bedroom apartment for her family. 

“Carpenter’s doesn’t give up on you. They keep trying and trying until something works out. The staff is really nice, supportive, and friendly. They give you all the support and all the help you need.”  

Brittany is very focused on supporting her kids and making sure they have everything they need to thrive. She is proud of their school accomplishments and the money management skills she has taught them. Brittany’s dream is to one day buy a house and begin to build wealth for her family.

“Patience is the key to success. If you are patient and stay focused on what you need to do and put in the work, something will work out for you.”