Spring2ACTion: What if we all gave on one day?

Imagine that you are homeless and have struggled for many years to find stability and a place that gives you some feeling of permanence. Carpenter’s Shelter helps people in that situation by offering David’s Place, a day shelter for homeless adults. 

David’s Place allows its guests to take showers, do laundry, access the phone and internet, and have a mailing address. David’s Place is the first point of outreach for the most vulnerable and hardest to reach population in our community. Last year, 234 adults accessed David’s Place and received the support they needed. Of the 234 adults, 65 took the steps necessary to enter a residential shelter program, moving even closer to stability and finding a place to call home. 

Those that access David’s Place need you, and you can help them on Wednesday, April 20th during Spring2ACTion, Alexandria’s giving day. Please donate to Carpenter’s Shelter and support the homeless men and women of Alexandria. Our goal of $30,000 will fund David’s Place through the end of the year. You can provide refuge and support to the most vulnerable population in our community. Together, we can continue to be the change that Alexandria’s homeless need most. 

Last year during Spring2ACTion, you raised over $20,000 for general needs at Carpenter’s Shelter. You had an impact on the 750 homeless men, women and children that crossed our threshold last year, and you made a difference in our community. Together, we can do even more and raise $30,000 for the homeless in our community.

Click here to donate to Carpenter’s Shelter during Spring2ACTion.