The Homeless Services Assessment Center (HSAC) is a community-based centralized intake system designed to screen adult individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

If you’re an individual or family seeking emergency shelter in Alexandria, please call the Department of Community and Human Services at 703-746-5700 to schedule an Eligibility Screening appointment.

HSAC staff assesses homeless and at-risk individuals for the following barriers:
  • Current housing crisis
  • Criminal History
  • Mental Health History
  • Substance Use History
  • Current income and benefits
  • Credit history and other debts
The primary focus of HSAC is to create a streamlined process for single adults who are homeless or facing homelessness to access services. Additionally, the Eligibility Screening is an effective tool used to identify individuals facing homelessness who are able to maintain their housing either through rental assistance or case management services.

HSAC provides referrals for:
  • Diversion services through the Department of Community and Human Services
  • Emergency shelter services through Carpenter’s Shelter and Alexandria Community Shelter