End of Year Giving or EoY is a way to help the shelter and yourself, by giving before the 31st of the year you can make sure that all of the programs associated with the shelter are funded during the winter time frame. A time of year when being homeless is difficult and dangerous for those among us less fortunate.

  • Completed! December 7th-31st 2020: End of  End of Year Donation form for 2020


Giving Tuesday is a national event that helps all of to remember that in this time of holiday celebration that we can help those who are having a hard time helping themselves. Started over 10 years ago it has become a national phenomenon and it looked forward to as part of the Thanksgiving celebration and something that Carpenter’s Shelter takes part in.

  • Completed! December 2nd 2020: Giving Tuesday 2020 Donation Form


Octoberfest, is Carpenter’s Shelter Take Out to Give Back continued. This virtual auction will allow anyone to support Carpenter’s from the safety of their home. Take a few moments from your day, click on the link below and you’ll be able to see over 40 different items that are bundled and ready for you to bid on. So, go to the site Browse the items, place your Bids, and then Buy your item. Join the fun and keep the TOTGB energy going!

  • Completed! October 8th-22nd 2020: Octoberfest 2020 Browse Bid Buy


Take Out to Give Back, is Carpenter’s Shelter regrouped 2020 Cook-off that was postponed due to Covid. This is a virtual event that will allow anyone to support Carpenter’s from the safety of their home. Participants can take part in the event by buying tickets or by ordering a meal on October 8th. By ordering a meal through any of the 5 associated restaurants, a percentage of that sale will go to support the shelter.

  • Completed! October 8th 2020, 6:00 pm: “Take Out to Give Back”

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Carpenter’s Shelter holds one large fundraising event in the spring each year, Carpenter’s Cook-Off, with all proceeds going towards the shelter’s programs for homeless individuals and families. We also host regularly schedule Open Houses and Impact or Give Back Nights at area restaurants and stores. Please join us at one of our upcoming events!

  • Postponed! Carpenter’s Shelter Cook-Off 2020