Shelter Monitor

This is a professional part-time non-exempt position requiring knowledge and experience in monitoring in an Emergency Shelter and Day Shelter program. With the ability to deliver human services and work effectively with persons at various stages of our Continuum.

Responsibilities: Under the supervision of the Head Monitor, the Shelter Monitor provides complete shelter oversight during their shift which almost exclusively includes weekends, evening and holiday hours. Responsibilities include carrying out all necessary operations while on duty, ensuring a safe and secure environment in a respectful and dignified manner while supervising and assisting clients and volunteers. 

Specific Duties:
• Complete responsibility of the shelter;
Monitor the building safety and structure and immediately communicating needs to on-call staff;
Monitor resident’s activities/compliance in the shelter, administering incident reports or taking necessary action to ensure the safety of all clients, volunteers, etc.
• Work closely with volunteers, community partners and other departments (David’s Place, Winter Shelter, Admin, etc.) staff to ensure a continuation of services in the shelter;
• Consistent presence throughout the shelter, ensuring that you are aware of activity going on in all areas; maintaining safety for all staff and clients;
• Convey necessary activity/information via “yammer”, phone calls, message, emails, etc. to staff so that all are aware of activity occurring during monitor shifts;
• Ensure that necessary information is communicated to your supervisor so that proper action may occur and there is, at all times, a continuation of program services;
• Accurate completion of all necessary data collection and paperwork specific to each shift;
• Professional demeanor at all times. This includes modeling the behavior that we expect of our clients, acting in a positive manner when addressing our clients and ensuring that you receive the same in return;
• Report on time and work entire shift, monitor must always be relieved by next shift staff; completing the required turnover;
• Time sheet completion required at the end of last shift worked each pay period;
• Perform other duties as assigned and necessary for shelter operations; and 
• Adhere to the Carpenter’s Shelter Code of Ethics.

Qualifications: This position requires a high school diploma (or equivalent) and a minimum of 3 years experience working with a diverse population experiencing homelessness along with energy, enthusiasm, professionalism, an ability to multi-task and possess great communication skills.

Contact: Michael Shields, Intake and Monitor Coordinator at MichaelShields@CarpentersShelter.org.